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Review: Meg Cabot's Boy Next Door

It was late at night and I had over caffeinated in an attempt to counteract the Nyquil I was taking. I turned to Oyster and started searching for a book. It suggested a book by Meg Cabot and I was sort of surprised. Wasn't she the one who wrote the Princess Diaries? I decided to give it a chance, and downloaded The Boy Next Door


This book was actually very good! I was surprised because it's written entirely through email exchanges between the characters. The main character, Melissa, is a gossip columnist at a New York paper with a chronic tardy problem. Her latest late arrival at work happened because she discovers her elderly next door neighbor face down in her apartment, and the mystery of whodunit unfolds throughout the book. There's a hunky man who may not be who he seems (Spoiler! He isn't), dogs, a horrible boss, and more! I highly recommend this book. PLUS- there are two other books in the series.


4 stars.